Monday, June 3, 2013

I am down 5 lbs.

It has been a week or two since I have been here, life got in the way. But most of what has been going on is good. Just kept me busy.

I had a week solid of rain, so I was not able to get out for my daily 5 mile walk.This past week, it went from rainy to so darn hot you could fry eggs on the sidewalk. Not really conducive to walking either. (I really have to join a gym so working out is not an issue)

But still, I managed to lose 5 lbs during those two weeks. Between eating right and tons of water, I managed to keep on track.

The rest of this week is suppose to be 70's with no humidity, so I will be back out there. Tomorrow my goal is to walk up to the local nursery about 4 miles up the road. They have a farm stand out front, plan on loading up with some fresh veggies. It will make the walk that much more enjoyable. Fresh veggies to grill :)

Til' next time.......

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Mother's Day I was taken out to my favorite Chinese food place and overdid a bit. (I cannot resist Chicken Wings and Lobster Sauce) It was a nice surprise and a great treat, but I gained a lb back. :(

But, I was back on track the next day. Walked 5 miles, drank all my water and then some. I had mainly fruits and veggies all day with a nice piece of Haddock and brown rice for dinner.

I don't know until Saturday if I lost that lb again (and more) but it sure feels like I lost something.
I am refusing to get on the scale until my weekly weigh in. I have previously been too obsessed with weighing myself daily, but I refuse to be a slave to the scale during this journey. Once a week is enough.

Until Saturday my lovelies.......

Sunday, May 12, 2013

I'm Back.....

It's been quite a while since I have posted here. A Winter of being sick (pneumonia, flu and bronchitis, yeah me, not!) I have seriously just stopped coughing a lung up everyday after months of fighting this thing.Boy, did this sucker linger! But, I finally can breathe again without getting out of breathe and coughing non-stop, so I am back on the old proverbial horse as they say. I have been walking daily and eating right. 5 lbs gone so far, more to come. I am determined to get fit in this, my 50th year. I refuse to feel older than I am and determined to get my energy back and be as healthy as I can be at this stage of my life. I will NOT let my age slow me down. My goal is to be ready for a 1/2 marathon run as soon as possible. So, hopefully you will follow me and tag along, offer a little encouragement or a kick in the pants as needed. Along the way, I will be looking for any help I can get in my journey. So if you know of any products, sites, servies to help, drop me a comment. I am willing to try anything and everything. Stay tuned for more updates........

Saturday, September 22, 2012

WOOT Woot!! 4 lbs gone this week

So , it's been a rough week, or so I thought. I had a cupcake and a Blooming Onion (shared) and on one particularly hot, humid day, I gave in and had an Orange Vanilla Coolatta (small) So I thought I probably hadn't lost anything. But, I am happy to say, I lost another 4 lbs.

I am continuing to walk 4-8 miles a day, with 2 days a week running 1 mile each day. Still working on building that up a bit, I am hoping to get to 1- 1/2 miles in the next week or so.

 On another note, I have found my new favorite snack. One apple, cut up, some Vanilla Yogurt to dip it in, with a bit of Granola in the yogurt. Filling and so yummy. 

For anyone out there who wants to get in shape and lose the weight, believe me when I say, if I can do it, you can do it. I am a 49 year old, way out of shape x-smoker (yeah me, although I am out of patches and still have two weeks to go, so it is getting really tough not to pick up a cig, Hopefully we get paid on a job in the next day or so , I really need to get this last box of patches before I have to start all over again) who let herself go. And yet, I am slowly dropping those pounds. IT IS POSSIBLE TO GET BACK IN SHAPE, YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

6.5 lbs down

1-1/2 weeks of serious healthy eating, walking 4-8 miles a day (depending on how humid it is out) and more water than I have ever drank in my life, I am down 6.5 lbs. so far. I have actually been eating healthier for a few weeks and walking every other day, until about a week and a half ago when I started to eat nothing but good for me, low fat foods and adding more fruits and veggies to my diet as well as water. (before then I had probably 4-6 large Sweet Teas a day and no water. And a large chocolate milk every morning for breakfast. I Still have a Chocolate milk in the morning, but a small glass and with only Simply Smart 1% Milk , the only 1% Milk I can stand, it really tastes just like whole milk,I don't feel like I am missing out at all. Store brand 1% Milk tastes too watery to me. And I have 1 Sweet Tea every other day (a small glass) I cannot give either up completely, but figure as long as I don't overdue it, I am good. I am actively searching my local papers and my local Craig's List for a good working treadmill. I need something for the Winter when it's too cold or snowy out to walk. This week coming up, I am going to try running every other day. Starting slow, maybe 1/2 mile to a mile a day, depending what I can handle. It's been forever since I ran. My hope is that by late Spring/early Summer next year I can do a 5K. Anyway, I am thrilled with the 6.5 lbs. I know it will slow down now to a couple of lbs a week, but it gives me the motivation to keep going.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Trying this for a third time

I have sent two emails each to two different people about being the winner of the $25 Amazon GC. No reply either time. PLEASE, add me to your email list so it is not going into spam and getting deleted. I am now choosing a third person and emailing them. Please check your emails and spam folder. GL!!!